Friday, May 11, 2012

Interview: Baloji

Popular Congolese by way of Belgium MC recently talked with Afropop's Wills Glasspiegel.

Here are some choice quotes:

[...] it’s a key place. But of course I know that for me, doing music that is mostly in French – not in some Congolese language that sounds exotic for European or at least western people – it’s a difficult market.

On choosing to not rap in English:

I think I don’t speak English good enough to make music in English. You have to write it properly, and you have to spell it in the right way, otherwise you sound stupid. It’s like listening to Fat Joe singing in Spanish, rapping in Spanish, and he doesn’t really pronounce the words right.

On performing in the Congo:

[...]it was really important to play it there live and with the guests off the record. But to be really honest with you, we had to face the fact that Congolese music is kind of suffering. It’s like the Cuban embargo. There is basically one kind of music that people listen to – the Soukous, the ndombolo as they call it, which is the main music. They really have a small window, so we had to face that.

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