Thursday, March 1, 2012

Watch + Listen: Sidi Touré - "Ni See Ay Go Done"

Malian guitarist Sidi Touré is making a big U.S. crossover push! After a U.S. tour last year, Touré recently signed a deal with stateside label Thrill Jockey who will be releasing his forthcoming full-length, Koïma, on April 17th.

As a prelude to the album, a gorgeous new video has emerged for the track “Ni See Ay Go Done.” The video footage was shot in 8mm by Frédéric Wasiak and edited by Covalesky, who recently spoke about the making and intentions of the video:
“Frédéric took these images during his first trip in the north of Mali. Thanks to these beautiful images, I wanted the viewer to live a trip in the north of Mali and through this trip feel all the things that are hidden in Sidi's music: the desert, the majestic scenery, large spaces, the Malian cities and the people who live there (mostly Songhaï and Tuareg). It's also a way to see a small part of Sidi's life: leaving Gao to go to Bamako, going from the desert to the capital and coming back to Gao, probably rather in a dream than in real life.”

Sidi Toure - Ni See Say Ga Done from Thrill Jockey Records on Vimeo.

Listen to another track “Tondi Karaa” off Koïma.
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