Thursday, March 15, 2012

Georges Collinet Invites You To His "Syncopated Lair"

Our host Georges Collinet has a message for you.

Afropop Worldwide host Georges Collinet invites to vote in Readers poll for:

Best World Music Radio Show

Best World Music Web Site

Props for our field reports that take you to Mali, Madagascar, Morocco, Cuba, Brazil, Colombia, New York and beyond. Our Hip Deep series of historically based programs such as our 5-part series on Egypt. Introductions to exciting emerging artists. And of course, the one and only Georges Collinet! Thanks to our friends at PRI who distribute our program to over 100 stations across the country.

Help put us over the top! You are allowed to vote once per day per category up until March 21. Tell your friends. Thank you!

Vote HERE! Remember you can vote daily until March 21st!
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