Friday, February 17, 2012

Weekend Music Selection With Boima, Rakas, Ebo Taylor + More

A bunch of free music dropped this week. So much so that the small staff of Afropop Worldwide could not keep up with all of it. So here is a short roundup of free, excellent music that should keep your weekend bumping and full of good sounds.

The Dutty Artz-affiliated producer/DJ is a favorite around here. His excellent African in New York EP was recently released. He also produced some of Los Rakas funky plena meets hip-hop EP, Chancletas y Camisetas Bordada. He also dropped  Lone Stars, a compilation of Hipco and Gbema music from Liberia late last year.  Boima is the type of smart, trail-blazing DJ bringing us new sounds from across the world that we dig. His new mix for XLR8R is a fiery energetic offering that should be on repeat around here for the next few months.

As much as these Bay-Area by way of Panama bad boys like to front as tough guys, they’ve also been known to let their romantic side shine through. How else can you explain dropping a free, 9-song EP called Raka Love on Valentines Day? 

Carioca-influenced electro-pop three-piece from Curitiba, Brazil will be dropping a new single and video any time now. Until then, Mad Decent let loose some b-sides and so-called “castaways” from the group’s debut With Lazers. Grab ‘Em!

Ghanian guitarist, producer and music innovator may be well into his 70s but that hasn’t stopped him. After releasing the solid Love & Death in 2010, Taylor saw a series of his classic releases see re-issue via Strut. This year Taylor is back with a new album Appia Kwa Bridge set to drop later this year made up of entirely new material. Hear the first track “Ayesama” via Bama Soul. 


What else did we miss? Let us know! Shoot us a tweet or comment below.
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