Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Spotlight: DJ Juan Data's Bondi Blaster

Bondi Blaster is DJ Juan Data's latest incarnation. His debut EP ¡Lo' Juimo!, is fashioned around what the Argentine-born and Bay Area resident DJ calls "cumbia linyera" (linyera is Argentine vernacular for garbage pickers). Teaming with Dub Snakkr and a handful of friends, ¡Lo' Juimo! is a seamless mash-up ranging in styles from hip-hop to Brazilian pop all with a party-heavy cumbia slant.

Below you can sample “Cumbia Nena” featuring three MCs --Nes, Ephniko and Juan Data himself each one representing for Mexico, Argetina and Colombia – three countries where cumbia has found a new renaissance. "Cumbia Nena" locks into a groove and maintains a steady, bass-heavy electro-cumbia pace throughout. The MCs drop their verses en español with playful attitude and swagger. Keep the cumbia coming strong!

¡Lo' Juimo! comes out March 6th on Stronghold Sound.
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