Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Spotlight: David Álvarez - " Como la Mariposa"

We are slowing things down a bit today with our spotlight on Cuban musician David
Álvarez. Without a doubt, the first thing that becomes obvious about Álvarez is that he is a bit of a romantic. One listen to his forthcoming album, Clandestino reveals his exceptional ability to blend Latin styles and songs of lament, love and heartbreak with his own twist on tradition. Clandestino has both rural campesino traditions and the innovative musicianship of Pedro Luis Ferrer for a sound that is both old and new.

With legendary Cuban players ( Irakere’s sax man Alfred Thompson; tres master Pancho Amat; Buena Vista Social Club’s Roldán Carballoso Gomez) rounding out his ensemble, Clandenstino is a quiet, delicate offering that runs deep in history and emotion for those looking for something contemplative, mellow and sweet.

Sample "Como la Mariposa" below:

Clandestino is out via Tumi on March 13th.

-Saxon Baird
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