Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Are FOKN Bois Fokn With You?

Ghanian duo FOKN Bois dropped an entire18-track album for yesterday and letting you name your own price for it. Titled FOKN Wit Ewe, the album showcases their brand of offensive humor with song titles like “Laffin at Cripples,” “Strong Homosexual Guys” and “Sexin Islamic Girls.”

If you are familiar with FOKN Bois, though, they seem like socio-conscious MCs and likely, beneath these song titles and inside their lyrics exists a creative and relevant commentary. FOKN Bois specialize in trying to push their listeners beyond their comfort zones in hopes of bringing to light what is, in their opinion, the problems and inanities of major social issues, particularly in Africa and African identity. When the duo sing about not fearing guns, not fearing knives but that they do fear “homosexual guys,” they are not being homophobic but calling out the extreme homophobia that exists in their home country.

Is this effective, though? Does the message come across clearly enough or could it easily be misconstrued? How does it compare to the intense and obvious socio-political messages of the recently covered Waga 3000?

We are still delving into the record but do find their abrasive humor engaging and worth a listen and, at least, a conversation.

You be the judge and tell us what you think. Download or Stream below:

-Saxon Baird
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