Wednesday, February 22, 2012

And the Road March Winner: is... Machel Montano - "Pump Yuh Flag"

 With Ash Wednesday comes the end of Carnival and, for soca fans, the identity of this year’s Road March winner. This year the title, along with the lucrative International Power Soca Monarch ($2,000,000) and Groovy Soca Monarch ($500,000) all went to a single performer: Machel Montano and his massive tune, “Wave Yuh Flag,” which was played a total of 233 times.

Machel is one of the most successful soca performers, having also won the "Road March" title last year, as well as in 2007, 1998, and 1997. Yet despite this popularity, how was it possible for him to have achieved such a clear domination of the Soca field? In this case it took a song trilogy, and an unceasing drive to utterly reform, nay, to supposedly totally “revolutionize the very concept of flag-waving” as it had heretofore existed. 

In a case of such a massive triumph, it seems best to get out of the way, and let the man (or at least his production company) speak for himself. Here are some gems from his ridiculous, but fun press release for "Pump Yuh Flag:"
"Pump Yuh Flag” also affectionately known as P.Y.F., is the first segment of a road-march ready trilogy. The song will be released as tri-factor that consists of:

1. The “Original” - Designed to ignite the Carnival masses

2. The “758 Re-Mix” – Orchestrated to elicit unbridled euphoria in the fetes

3. The “Road Mix”. Meticulously engineered to increase the blood-flow
(A complete physical or medical clearance, is recommended before crossing the stage to this mix).

This musical trilogy will build the momentum and climax unto the streets, as P.Y.F. subtly seduces 3 moods of your consciousness. A Soca syncopated progression - from radio stimulation - to fete frivolity - and segways into masquerader stage satisfaction.” 

Some tune though… 
 Congratulations Machel!

Check out two of the three versions below:

-Sam Backer
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