Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Youssou N'Dour Announces He Will Run for the Senegalese Presidency

Youssou N'Dour has never been afraid to voice his political opinion in his music and beyond. Now legendary Senegalese singer has announced that he plans to run for president against Senegal's 85-year old incumbent Abdoulaye Wade, who is seeking a third term.

N'Dour has a long record of performing in support of human rights causes and was the African representative on Amnesty International tours in the 1980s. In his announcment on Monday he said "In the school of the world, I have studied" adding that his decision to run was "a supreme patriotic duty."

N'Dour isn't the first "world" music singer take up politics. Panamanian singer Ruben Blades ran for president in 1994 and lost. Fugee's rapper and singer Wyclef Jean announced his intention to run for president of Haiti in 2010 but was declared ineligible. And Afrobeat inventor Fela Kuti attempted to run for president of Nigeria in 1979, but his candidacy was denied. More recently, Haitian musician Michel Martelly, also known as 'Sweet Mickey,' was elected president of his home country.  
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