Friday, January 27, 2012

Live from Tahrir Square, One-Year Later

Cairo-based Afropop contributor and scholar Kristina Nelson was in Tahrir Square for the one-year anniversary of the revolution. Check out her photos and the brief description of the scene.

From Nelson:

Nobody expected the numbers for the marches coming from all over Cairo to Tahrir-tens of thousands and these were all against the military's handling of the transition. the Islamists were all in Tahrir, "celebrating", but at one point, even they started chanting, "down with the army". The numbers exceeded last year's protests-many people couldn't even get close to Tahrir. The bridge coming into the square was solid and unmoving-no more room in the square. All the entrances to the square were packed with people stretching back several kilometers. And it was all peaceful (until the evening when many had left the square and some women were badly and sexually assaulted. The good thing is that they've talked to the media and the whole issue of attitudes to women is being discussed.), no police, no army in sight, anywhere.

For a blow by blow narrative check out the report from

For even further reading, check out this article on the musical spring that has erupted post-revolution.

Here's our web, exclusive podcast "A Summer Walk Through Tahrir Square" produced last year by Afropop's Banning Eyre and Sean Barlow:

A Summer Walk through Tahrir Square by Afropop Worldwide
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