Thursday, December 1, 2011

Spotlight: Kreyol Emcee: Bennchoumy

Check out this new video from Haitian emcee Bennchoumy. He offers socially conscious hip hop with a heavy soul influence, and, most intriguingly, raps in Kreyol. The song, entitled “Nou Sou Wout” (On the Road), challenges the black community, repeating the phrase “Take heed of your existence!” His flow includes snippets of English interspersed within the Kreyol that are gone almost before you realize it. The similarities between the two languages make it possible to grasp much of the meaning without the help of the subtitles. The music video was directed by Johwell Saint-Cilien. Also take a look at the video for “Waddup King,” which resembles a big Brooklyn house party (with bumpin’ music of course).

Bennchoumy was previously a member of the gospel/hip-hop group The Shepherdz. He currently plays with a larger group called The Manifestation of Bennchoumy. In Nov. 2009, the group released the album The Living Myth. Let us know what you think!
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