Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Spoek Mathambo Announces New Album

South African electro-art weirdo Spoek Mathambo has announced that he will be dropping a new album called Father Creeper on March 13th via his relatively new imprint Sub Pop. Mathambo is one of the more exciting artists to come of South Africa. of late. His music is nurtured of off kwaito, hip hop and the theories of afro-futurism but ultimately results in something that is very unique and his own.

Already, Mathambo has created a buzz across the U.S. and Europe with his dark bass-heavy cover of "Control" by the UK post-punk band Joy Division. (You can hear it on our show The Mixtape Special). He also has appeared on a guest spot with Germany's electro artist Tim Turbo and scored a minor underground hit with his single "Mshini Wam."

Undoubtedly, Father Creeper will become one of the more anticipated albums dropping in the early new year and likely make a big impression on western, indie scenes. Score another one for Africa. Be on the look out for it.

Listen + Download Mathambo's most recent single, "Put Some Red on It" below.

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