Thursday, December 1, 2011

Sekai Soundclash: Japanese Dancehall Mix by BARNEY ILLER

Barney Iller - Sekai Soundclash (a JAPANESE DANCEHALL mix for by Afropop Worldwide

DJ Barney Iller caught our show Africa in East Asia: From Shanghai Jazz to Tokyo Rastafari. Iller was particularly excited about our section on the thriving Japanese dancehall scene. He was so into it that he offered to make us a mix of some Japanese dancehall cuts that you would be hard-pressed to find elsewhere. The result is a feverish, unique 74 minute sampling. In no way is this a definitive list. Rather, it's a musical taste of a scene rooted in the African diaspora but located very far from it. Thanks Iller!!

Check out Iller's own comments and the tracklist below. Download + Listen above.

" I'm a DJ first and a librarian a much distant second. Therefore I've focused on party jams, tracks that 'rock' rather than 'seminal' songs or those which 'define the genre' or are particularly popular. Sadly, I don't know which ones are most popular. I make this mix as an outsider to the culture of Japanese dancehall. I say that not just because I haven't put the time in at the clubs, but also I recognize I made a mix different from the style of mixes made by people in the scene. Most of the artists I used also make tracks in the style of traditional reggae, more sung, in addition to this ragga-centric dancehall style I've focused on in my mix. Judging by the content of whole albums and DJ mixes, the sung tracks are just as popular if not more so than the style I've focused on.

I focus on ragga tracks because of both musical and cultural interest. The Japanese interpretation of sung reggae appeals to me less, and also I find those interpretations very similar to the original culture they're aiming for. But with dancehall, a somewhat more maverick style to begin with, I feel the Japanese artists take more liberties, and end up reinterpreting the music into something more natively Japanese, more homespun from their own cultural heritage, more original rather than emulated.

However, I'd love to know the truth. I have a very difficult time getting the artists to reply to me about cultural issues, and it's rare for me to encounter an enthusiast of this music. Those of us immersed in club culture run across Japanese at reggae nights frequently, but in my observation, they're most often pursing the authentic experience of Jamaican culture rather than their compatriots' interpretation of it. Most native Japanese people I speak with don't even know what kind of music I'm referring to, let alone the artists. Dancehall and reggae in the Japanese language is a fairly underground and regional phenomenon even in Japan, and very difficult for foreigners to access due to the distance and written language barriers, plus much of the music is only available on limited-run 7-inch 45rpm vinyl from a small number of specialty stores."

Track list:
1) Rudebwoy Face & Elephant Man - こんにちはJAPAN
2) Kenty Gross - A-Boy
3) Jumbo Maatch - Tell Me...
4) Akane - Dancehall Head
5) Soul Eye - 酒
6) Wassy - Entertainer
7) Shiba-Yankee - Clap Your Hands
8) Kenty Gross - ほんまに言うてんの
9) Yoyo-C - Babylon No Naka
10) Rankin Taxi & Dub Ainu Band - 誰にも見えない、匂いもない 2011
11) Rumi - 邪悪な放射能
12) Sami-T & Burro Banton - Back Bitter [sic] (4B Mix)
13) Boogie Man - Pachinco Man
14) Rankin Pumpkin - Japan から Jamaica
15) Mr. T.H.C. & Tony Curtis - High Grade
16) Tony Matterhorn, Richie Feelings, Sami-T & Masta Simon - Genki Desuka?
17) Vader - King of Musiq
18) Ryo the Skywalker - Fight Music
19) Terry The Aki-06 & Erone - Back Yard T.T. (Remix)
20) Ryo the Skywalker - Instru-Men
21) KENTY GROSS, Ng Head, Shingo Nishinari & Boogie Man - Osaka Pride
22) Boxer Kid - Onsoku Big Wave
23) Kenty Gross - G-Style Good It!
24) Kenty Gross - G-Style Hyper
25) Ryo the Skywalker feat. Takafin from Mighty Jam Rock - Thunder Roll
26) MIND=VOICE - My 暴動
27) Ryo the Skywalker - Outer-Net
28) Armstrong - Fire Man
29) Papa B - Crasher

*****Thanks Iller!!*****
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