Saturday, December 17, 2011

Quincy Jones's Love Song to the Arab World

Quincy Jones in Morocco
When Afropop visited the Mawazine Festival in Morocco in May 2011, we interviewed Quincy Jones and caught a glimpse of an ambitious project he was then in the midst of. He put on a spectacular, multi-genre, multi-national concert as part of the festival. And he also spoke of a song he was creating, a remake of the 1989 song "Tomorrow," but now mostly in Arabic and re-dubbed "Tomorrow/Bokra." Produced by Jones and RedOne, with a host of talented helpers, the song was to be sung by an array of top Arab-word singers, including Iraq's Kadim Al Saher, Algeria's Souad Massi, Egypt's Sherine Abdel Wahab, Senegalese R&B artist Akon, and many others.

The song and video are out now, and it is moving to see Jones transporting his uplifting celebration of youth, and his "We Are The World" optimism and can-do spirit to the Middle East and North Africa.

Here's a link to the "Tomorrow/Bokra" video, with over 3-million views as of this posting.

And, listen to the Afropop program "Mawazine the Magnificent" for interview excerpts with Jones, and a selection from his concert at the festival.

And here's CNN's report on "Tomorrow/Bokra."

Go, Quincy!
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