Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Glory that was Cesaria Evora

We are extremely sad to report that the incomparable Cesaria Evora has passed. Cesaria’s gorgeous singing graced major stages all over the world as she played a singular role in introducing music fans to her island nation, Cape Verde, and its rich traditions of morna, coladeira, funana and more.

Cesaria showed us all that it's possible to get a second chance in life.  After being all but forgotten following her earlier career, she surged to new heights after being "rediscovered" in France in the 1980s. She went on to inspire a new generation of Cape Verdean singers to follow in her footsteps—Lura, Maya Andrade, Fantcha and many others.  We will miss her!

We dug into our Afropop Worldwide archive to find our program featuring our recording of Cesaria Evora making her powerful New York City debut in 1995 at the Bottom Line.
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