Monday, December 5, 2011

Join Harry Belafonte in Supporting Afropop Worldwide!

We are honored that our friend and colleague, Harry Belafonte, kicks off our annual 2011 fundraising campaign to keep you on top of the world:

“I write to ask you to join me in supporting Afropop Worldwide, an organization that does visionary work in bringing awareness of African and Diaspora cultures to Americans and the global online community…. The need is greater than ever.  Americans are starved for this kind of engaging and revelatory insight into the workings of our multi-cultural world.  And nobody has shown greater commitment, and worked harder to realize this vision than the people at Afropop.  Funding sources are scarce, so it is up to us who want to see Americans remain connected to and inspired by the rest of the world to stand up and give generously.”  
Thank you Harry!
As an added incentive--The first 20 donors of $20 or more will receive a cool Afropop CD. And the top donor will receive our Egypt gift package with papyrus art, your very own pyramid, a flute, fabric, and music you can’t get anywhere else. Contest open until Dec. 31st (hint top donor so far is $100). Good luck!
We need everyone who values what we do to pitch in. And the first 20 to respond with a gift of $30 or more will receive a great CD from the Afropop collection.  And the highest donor from now until December 31st will also get our Egypt gift with papyrus art, your very own pyramid, a flute, fabric... and best of all…a mix of the coolest music from Cairo, impossible to find here. Go for it!

To securely donate, just click the "DONATE" button below. All major credit cards are taken:

Or you can send a check via snail mail to the following address:

Afropop Worldwide
688 Union St
Brooklyn, NY 11215

Help us continue to make great and unique programming in 2012! 


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