Monday, November 7, 2011

The Zimbabwean Trance of ZULU

We got word through the excellent Large Up of an 18-year old producer living in the UK by the name of Zulu. Discovered through Large Up’s Monday mixtape series, we came across his Facebook where you can download and/or listen to an excellent mix he put together. Described as Zimbabwean trance, the mix combines bass-heavy club beats with traditional, afro-inspired percussion for an infectiously bumping mix.

There isn’t much info on the young lad from London. We aren’t even sure if he’s even from Zimbabwe, let alone Africa. Nevertheless, for Afropop fans whose tastes tend to lean towards the more progressive, electronic side of music, we highly suggest checking out the mix on Facebook.

Zulu also released an EP via Girls Music today.

Here's a series of remixes and originals from his Soundcloud as well. We're particularly fond of Kwaito remixes.

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