Thursday, November 3, 2011

Spotlight: Foulaa System

Here at Afropop Worldwide we get contacted by a lot of new musicians who want us to hear their music. To be honest, it's tough to listen to everything that gets sent our way and often times we just pass it by. However, every now and then we come across a gem that really catches our ear.

This time around it's a duo called Foulaa System made up of the west African duo, Alain Missala & Daveman. The two hit us up on Twitter and we liked what we heard. The most surprising thing about Foulaa System is that the two live in Berlin! A diverse but still unusual place for west African club pop. The duo claims the following: "Foulaa System considers itself to be the first true representative of the music genre called: Afro Pop. It's a unique global pop music that won't let you sit still."

Well, that is quite a statement. True or not, the two put out some infectiously catchy electro-pop. Their sound has a welcomed old-school sound full of an unabashed carefree mood. Just what we need sometimes.

Also, check out that necklace!

Here more at their Myspace.
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