Wednesday, November 30, 2011

MPEACH - 'Vengo Por Ti'

Venezuela fires off a full clip with Mpeach's debut solo release Vengo Por Ti, available free for you on Abstractor.  Born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela, MPeach is a multidisciplinary visionary. Formerly a collaborator both on stage and in the studio with the Brooklyn-based Venezuelan band Todosantos, which was signed to the Flamin Hotz label, this new solo release finds her reaching towards her displaced peers back home and abroad collaborating with a now global network of underground Venezuelan producers.

abs005: MPeach - Vengo Por Ti by abstractor

Barcelona-based Cardopusher, steps up with a moody and almost 3ball guarachero style remix of Venamo (short for "ven a mover"). Known more for his work in the dubstep arena, Cardo drops down the master tempo to about 130 and delivers the kind track one could expect in a set from DJ's who are playing artists like like Dubbel Dutch, Brenmar, L-Vis 1990, Cedaa and Kingdom.

The video for the first single, "La Hora," gives us a taste of the type of visuals you can expect to see at the live show, which I got to witness and enjoy at the release party last month at DROM in NYC.

Backed by yet another Venezuelan ex-pat DJ, Daraelectric, this is probably the biggest collaboration of Venezuelan dance music producers we've ever seen this year, if not ever. The EP overall is informed by the Changa Tuki and Raptor House genres native to the raves back home in Venezuela, and I think that's why she set sights on two of the scenes top dogs, DJ Baba and DJ Yirbin for remix duty. The build up and drop on Yirbin's version of La Hora between minute two and three is hands down my favorite moment on the EP.  Killer tune for house heads, I could imagine DJ Sabo incorporating this into his set back before he went through the moombahton rabbit hole.

In addition to having very intentionally put together a line-up great producers to represent for VZLA, I think the strength of MPeach's release is the live show. Presently, there's a new crop of artists that are taking charge of their visual imagery and utilizing Youtube with great success (ie Lil B, who's success and hype machine continue to perplex many a discerning listener). But while anyone can make video these days because cameras are increasingly more affordable, for the most part those quick fix youtube videos aren't the type of eye candy one would want to see at a live show. Big name acts like Massive Attack have had brilliant VJ's as part of their show for years, but in those cases there's often a budget to designate a visual artist to flesh out their concepts for the artists. MPeach is a Y2K compliant artist making not just her own music, but also her own videos and visuals plus programing the entire concept of the stage show from start to finish which to me puts her in a category of artists that few can claim to be a part of. We need a word for that.

Artists like Pernett in Colombia and Orion from Peligrosa in Austin, TX are other examples of multidisciplinary artists that I keep up with because I want them to break through the underground ceiling for a number of reasons. First off, their wicked smart. If anyone is to stand a chance of making it in the years to come they're going to need to be prepared to DIY their cover art, videos, their promo material- everything.  Labels aren't exactly in a position to be shelling out cash for such things so it becomes the responsibility of the artist to see their work through completion but then the payback is that the image we see as the audience is an earnest look at what the artists entire vision is. The grab bag at the release party for this record, for example, had a promo copy of the song printed on what was basically a paper promo record you would have seen in magazines a while back. Pretty shnazzy in my book and the sign of an artist that is fully vested in creating a tangible music experience. Staying innovative on the tech end of things is what has fueled a lot of the successful acts in recent memory, whether by utilizing the internet, or midi on the iPhone it's going to be those that stay on the cutting edge and really force listeners to raise the bar of who's new and exciting, rather then just waiting to be told what's cool.

On that note folks, its my first month here at the blog. I guess I should probably do some kind of introductory letter type thingy in the next week or so to let you know a bit about myself, what I'm up too lately and where my travels are taking me. But until then friends, stay "chooned" to Afropop for whats going on in music world wide.

- Geko Jones
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