Thursday, November 17, 2011

K Le Pasa?

Afropop welcomes our newest blog contributor Geko Jones! A Brooklyn-based Puerto-colombian DJ/Producer and party promoter, Jones is also a founding member of both the New York Tropical and Que Bajo?! party franchises in New York. In addition, Geko is a partner and co-owner of the Dutty Artz record label with producer Matt Shadetek and DJ /Rupture.

There's something in the water in Texas. Several strains of a contagion named cumbia have been spreading across the Lone Star state and a collective of rogue audio chemists calling themselves the Peligrosa All-Stars may just have the cure. Founded in Austin, TX the DJ collective has been spreading sonic vaccines across Tejas and to anyone who would listen, recruiting new members along the way. Enter DJ DUS from Corpus Christi and his debut video K le Pasa.

I've seen DJ DUS perform on a few occasions, often times back to back with Peligrosa's head honcho DJ Orion. Both bring in the turntablist hip hop aesthetic to their sets but they find time to produce an amazing catalog of work, drawing on a huge array of dance music influences, for the rest of the scene to enjoy. In this new track he tips his hat to one of Mexico's most legendary pinche-cumbia artists Mike Laure, a brilliant writer and master of the double entendre.

To date, those in the know have been playing cuts off of Dus' first two EP's, Soy Yo! Turn Me Up Kid and Enemigo Publico. (available on bandcamp) He's also released a full band project called Master Blaster that's worth checking out. His new video K Le Pasa is earnest glimpse into the kind of raucous energy you'll experience at a Peligrosa party.

Anyone planning on being in Austin for SXSW (or anytime) should really make it a point to check it out. They're unofficial showcase, thrown in collaboration with Tormenta Tropical from California is a 3-day affair with THE most exciting line-up of DJ's you'll see at the festival.

-Geko Jones
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