Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Afrosynth Releases Feel-Good 80's Mixtape

Afrosynth has been digging up solid finds from the African continent for you all to enjoy, from anti-apartheid music from the ANC's cultural division to obscure funk and electronic music. Recently, DJ Okapi has compiled ten mixtapes of 70's and 80's "Bubblegum pop and disco-vibes" and the latest "Winner Takes All" is well worth a listen.

These tracks feature infectious echoing beats and a general positive vibe. Denis Yekani and The Movement blend African guitar melodies with a nicely warped synth sound on "Try Your Luck" that reminisces the VHS-era. Kumasi goes for full-on funk gold on "I Know You Feel It" with a disco guitar riff straight out of Shaft and the vocal punches and wails of James Brown. But the real gems on here are when the American and African touches fall together perfectly. In "O Nketsang," synth and hand claps meld with mbira and other African percussion for a surprising comfortable mix.

But don't take it from us, check out the mixtape and other golden oldies at Afrosynth.

-Will Yates

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