Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Something Soulful & Heavy from Nneka

The Afro-German music shaker Nneka Egbuna has done it yet again. Her new evolutionary (revolutionary?) album Soul is Heavy is just that. Out of her own mouth Nneka acknowledges a "higher power" above her as well as in her.

Not keening to a mystical, supernatural power but rather an ability to share her message with enough savoriness to make you fulfilled. Don't let Nneka's youth fool you, she is well aware of her past and has let her words on the microphone be influenced by the sounds of her surroundings and bloodline. Her lyrics leave you full, with traces of Fela Kuti and other legends like him.

Recently, I listened to her first two singles off the new album, "Soul is Heavy" and "God Knows Why" featuring Black Thought. Both of these tracks not only exhibit her raw belief in what's right but her readiness to see things change. In "Soul is Heavy" she begins with a call out to her native land and to see if she can find herself in it. Throughout the song she speaks as the voice of past history makers, revolutionaries like Isaac Boro, Ken Saro Wiwa, and Jaja of Opobo. The lyrics perhaps are the back beat to her fight and her cry for her people. "You are a power-hungry class of army arrangements, you are stealing money in my country's plight. You are a soldier pretending to be a politician. You are a teacher who knows nothing. So don't teach me lies." As a quote by Ken Saro Wiwa that ends off the track, she demands rights and the end of political and governmental corruption.

"God Knows Why" is a track that not only speaks from the heart but a track that leaves you wanting more of Nneka's head turning, head knocking, soul-filled music. The song is an announcer of conscious problems that seem to have no solution but in time do. Wanting to see her people who still suffer find some peace and solace in knowing they are not alone in this game called life and do have an answer. 

Nneka, although unconventional, brings the answer that she knows and believes: that a higher, spiritual power knows why their souls are heavy.

Nneka- "God Knows Why (Feat Black Thought)"

-Melanie Chery

To learn more about Nneka's new album, check out her "making of" video here!
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