Thursday, September 29, 2011

Spotlight: Gun Selectah

If you haven't figured it already Gun Selectah is a collaboration between two Mexican heavyweights of the awkwardly termed electronic "tropical bass" style. The two came together out of mutual respect for each others music after running in similar circles. We are fan of both artists. You may recall Toy Selectah was featured on our Afropop Soundsytem 5 show on neo-cumbia. He also has had his hand on the new and fiery genre of Tribal Guarachero that is taking over clubs with a knack for cuts coming from places outside of the U.S./Europe. While Afropop hasn't given much love to Mexicans with Guns, we feel that a little recognition is long overdue.

The duo first dropped their collaborative EP with only 500 copies. As of today, though, the two have made the tracks available online via the Friends of Friends imprint. The EP features three original tracks and a slew of  remixes by DJ Orion, Matt Shadetek, LOL Boys and more.

On “Como Un Perro,” the track slowly builds upon an old, mid-tempo garage-rock/surf drum beat before everything shatters and everything morphs into a dark, skittering energetic dubstep meets cumbia offering full of clattering bells and ominous voice-overs.

Thanks to Tropical Bass for featuring this first.


Gun Selectah - Como Un Perro by FoFMusic

- Saxon Baird
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