Thursday, September 15, 2011

Podcast Preview: Nation Beat - 'Growing Stone'

Here is something new for you. Afropop has put together an exclusive downloadable podcast previewing the new Nation Beat album, Growing Stone. In addition to previews of new songs from the new release, the podcast features an interview with founding member of the group Scott Kettner.

Nation Beat playfully calls Growing Stone, "an album for two Americas."  There is a good reason for the tagline, though. The American/Brazilian collective Nation Beat plays a 21st century mash-up inspired by Brazilian maracatu drumming, New Orleans second line rhythms, Appalachian music, funk and country-blues. They're the first American group to record in Brazil with the legendary Mestre Walter & Maracatu Nação Estrela Brilhante - and the first Brazilian band to perform with Willie Nelson who called Nation Beat "just a fantastic group".

Stream the 10 minute preview below. Or download it by clicking on the little black arrow on the left of the player.


Nation Beat Podcast by Afropop Worldwide
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