Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Mixtape Special

On air this week we are presenting "The Mixtape Special." The show culls some of the best songs from our monthly mixtape series into an hour-long Afropop Worldwide program! Our goal is to put a spotlight on some of the best new music dropping from Africa and beyond. The eclectic array of colorful sounds showcases something for every Afropop listener from 8 to 80 including Malian blues, Latin electronic mash-ups, Afro-Peruvian rhythms, hip-hop, neo-cumbia, and whole lot more.

Since we are presenting an entire show dedicated to our mixtapes, we won't be releasing a free mix this month. Instead, you get this awesome show to listen to. Sounds like a good trade-off, right?

You can download the show for free by clicking the little black arrow on the right of the player. Or you can just click the play button and stream the entire show. Finally be sure to pass it onto your friends and spread the good music and free tunes around.

The Mixtape Special by Afropop Worldwide

Missing one of our monthly mixtapes? They are all still online and available for download. Cruise over to our Soundcloud page to find all our mixes here. You can also check out over 70 of our archived programs that we have slowly been making available online.
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