Tuesday, September 20, 2011

De La Soul + Fela = Fela Soul?

In case you haven't caught it, an awesome mash-up of Fela Kuti and NYC hip-hop legends De La Soul dropped last week to our delight. The mix comes courtesy of Gummy Soul, a nice little blog from Nashville producer Walter Clark (aka Josh Desprez) that has an affection for soul, hip hop and everything in-between. 
 The mix titled Fela Soul includes classic De La Soul tracks like "itsoweezee" and "Stakes is High" blended together with some staple Fela Kuti. They also threw in a few audio samples taken from interviews with Fela for some extra coolness.

Mash-up are a dime a dozen on the internet lately. Many of them seem like good ideas but when actually played out, often times seem like unnecessary novelties with the original tracks often being much better. However, this offering is definitely an exception. It showcases the transcendent ability of Fela's music as it fits nicely between rhymes by Maceo, Posdnuos and Dave. It even had a few of us in the office kind of digging this more than the original tracks. Not saying it's better, but it definitely refreshed some verses we've heard over a thousand times.

We highly encourage you to download or at least give it a stream:

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