Monday, September 26, 2011 Seeks Writers

Do you want to write for Then hit us up! First, though, you should probably read the details of the what we are offering. Here are the two "positions" we offering up:

Position 1: Afropop Worldwide is seeking two bloggers. The catch is that one must be from Colombia or Colombian descent and the other from Nigerian and/or Nigerian descent. The goal is to have the candidates contribute two or three blog posts a month, plus the occasional CD review. Preferably, the blog posts would be about music that originates from Columbia and Nigeria.

We offering this position thanks to a recent grant we received from the New York State Council of the Humanities. A small stipend WILL be offered to the candidate. Although the details of that are still being worked out.


Position 2: Afropop Worldwide is seeking writers to contribute regular blog posts and reviews for our website Over the past six months, Afropop Worldwide has embarked on a campaign to expand our web presence. In doing so, we’ve increased our web content and want to develop into becoming an online source for music from Africa and the African diaspora. However, as a small-staffed, non-profit public radio program, our manpower is limited. That’s where you come in!

Love music? Love to write? Then contact us immediately!

We’re going to be honest with you. This position, at this point, is unpaid. However, you can build your clips, get free music and attend concerts for free under the Afropop name. We aren’t asking for much. One review, and 2 blog posts a month is it. Of course, you can do more but if not, no worries!

This position is ideal for up and coming college-aged writers. It is preferred that candidates have a good knowledge of music from Africa and the African-diaspora. Not a requirement, though. We also hope you keep up to date with what’s coming out on a regular basis. Genres like kuduro, soca, dancehall and afrobeat should, at least, be familiar to you.

To Apply: Send a resume, a description about yourself and 2-3 clips to Saxon Baird at

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