Thursday, August 25, 2011

Video: DJ Shadow - "I'm Excited" f. Afrikan Boy

Well isn't this the perfect cultural-music mash up! Afrikan Boy, a Nigerian-born MC currently residing in the UK (Check out our coverage of his latest mixtape) recently teamed up with crate-digging legend DJ Shadow for a new track off Shadow's forthcoming LP The Less You Know, The Better.

We covered the collaboration a couple months ago and really dug the track. Now the two have released a video for the song that is one politically-charged psychedelic trip. There is some sort of commentary going on here with Afrikan Boy dressed as a military/political leader who drinks too much of his own "kool-aid." This leads to a Terry Gilliam-type nightmare.

We love it, even if we don't fully understand. What's your take?

-Saxon Baird
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