Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tribal Guarachero Ready for Takeoff: 3Ball MTY - "“Inténtalo (Me Prende)”"

Over the past year, a new style of Mexican dance music has been seeping out of sweaty clubs of Mexico City (Monterrey too!) and into the internet cables of nu-whirled music lovers everywhere called tribal guarachero. What is it exactly? Electro-music gurus XLR8R investigated this question a bit last August when those of us stateside were just getting word of the new style. Interviewing tribal guarachero producer Erick Ríncon, the Mexico City native DJ gave some insight into the trend:

"Approximately five or six years ago, the genre began with a producer from Mexico City named Ricardo Reyna.  He began mixing tribal house rhythms with Pre-Hispanic singing, flutes, and drums; from there came the name 'Tribal Pre-Hispanic.'" While these Pre-Hispanic sounds and bits of other more traditional Latin genres—cumbia is often cited as a major influence—are still present in the music, over time the style has been increasingly infiltrated by house, techno, and electro, resulting in a present-day tribal guarachero that is explicitly electronic. "

Then a few months ago The Fader delve deep into the country and filed a lengthy report on the scene. A must read if you dig this stuff. Now, with a steady buzz circulating the Mexican dance-club genre, 3Ball MTY (Ríncon is a member) just dropped a video full of slurpy triplet rhythms, at 133 BPMs along with a weird aesthetic visual mix of pre-pubescent clubbers and shiny mariachi cowboy outfits.  I think we just joined the tribe.

Want more? Check out this tribal guarachero remix of a Scandinavian folk tune by Ríncon (!).

- Saxon Baird
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