Friday, August 5, 2011

New Kuduro Tracks from Up-and-Comer Cabo Snoop

In a follow-up for our Kuduro post a while back, here are two follow-up tracks of insanity from Angolan Cabo Snoop.  A.k.a Ivo Manuel Nemus, as a child he was called "Nobody" because his mother had already lost three children, and did not expect him to survive.  Well, survive he did, and his latest album features some of the bangin-est beats, on either side of the equator and thanks to Tropical Bass, we have this gem, called "Windeck," after the Angolan city and ghetto. "Windeck" features a lot of brightly colored pants, 6 pounds of attitude in a five-pound package, and too-catchy rhythms to carry you into the weekend.

And if that still isn't enough, wrap your eardrums around the poly-rhythmic and syllabic "Prakatatumba," featuring a hilarious and informative video about the intricacies about this phenomenon.  Seems that gold digging is a global thing.

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