Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Mystery Flavor from Liberia: Sped-up Socadancehallremixdopeness?

Alvin shows his "true" colors
Disclaimer: If you're not interested in listening to a coked-up Alvin-and-the-Chipmunks-style soca/kuduro/dancehall Auto-Tuned jam at 12,000 BPM, that's totally fine.  You're not gonna be into this.


If you ARE, then oh man, we have a treat for you.  Due to our relentless RSS feed, we saw that Ghetto Bassquake had received this joint from a cabdriver named Poko in the Monrovia. According to Poko, this style of music is blowing out speakers all throughout the Liberian capital...but no one seems to know what it is.  Is it kuduro sped up? White noise slowed down?

We have no idea.  But this is the oddest, most-far out zooted mind-warping banger we've heard all summer.

We just wish we knew who remixed it, or sung it, or played on it.  But that only adds to the romance of the mystery track.  Much like the Dum Dum mystery lollipop flavor, the mystery track is ineffable and ephemeral, coming in and out of our consciousness until Wikipedia steps up its game. For now, though, we have nothing intelligent to say about this prime slice of lunacy–at least until the corresponding dance move comes out.

Check it out on Ghetto Bassquake's website and stay tuned for more weirdness:

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