Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Los Van Van Cancels U.S. Tour

Today we've got word of the unfortunate news that Cuban legends Los Van Van have had to cancel their U.S. tour for what is described as "circumstances out of their hands." The exact reason for the canceled tour has not been specified. Although, we can assume that it had to do with Visa issues. This wouldn't be the first time Los Van Van has had issues entering the U.S., most recently having to do 14 make up gigs late last year due to Visa problems.

Los Van Van is often awkwardly cited as the "Rolling Stones of Cuba." They have been featured on numerous Afropop programs including our recent encore of Live Latin Extravaganza. Led by bassist Juan Formell, they are still one of the most recognized post-revolution Cuban bands. Over the years Los Van Van has fused various styles of changui and son montuno, including including rock, funk, disco, and even hip hop into a style coined as songo.

Here is the official press release from New York City-based club SOBs regarding the canceled Los Van Van tour:

Unfortunately SOBs has just received word that the Los Van Van tour and subsequently their NY show here is cancelled.

Due to circumstances completely out of SOBs' hands, the band wont be coming to the United States.

SOBs apologies on behalf of the band for any inconvenience to our fans and customers and appreciate your time and understanding.

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