Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Guyanese Soca Madness from 2HOPE2HYPE

Rainstick & Veggie Man are two dudes who used to host a global radio program on East Village Radio called Cool Places in NYC. The show spun a feverish array of various and obsure styles rarely heard elsewhere. Since the show ended, the two now make up a duo called 2HOPE2HYPE that would have been keeping busy spinning at NYC parties and running this crazy, psychedelic tumblr.

Now, thanks to a Ghetto Bassquake, 2HOPE2HYPE dropped a deep mix of Soca madness from Guyana and beyond. Perfect timing as a prelude to the end of Summer. Get your sweat in! FREE music, y'all!

Download: 2HOPE2HYPE - Soca-ing Crazy Mix HERE

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