Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Damon Albarn Records in Kinshasa for Good Cause

Damon Albarn, most known for fronting the not defunct UK-pop outfit Blur and the alternative rock meets post-hip hop "virtual band" Gorillaz, was reported earlier this year to be recording an album in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Since then, more details have been released, and it turns out to be all for a good cause.

The album, Kinshasa One Two, is a special release in collaboration with Warp Records and Oxfam. All proceeds of the album will go towards efforts by Oxfam to relieve the thousands that are poverty stricken in the country. Kinshasa One Two was recorded in a mere five-day span and feature over 50 African artists. The album also includes production efforts by Dan the Automator, Actress, Gil Scott-Heron collaborator Richard Russell, Jneiro Jarel, and Kwes.

Yesterday, Albarn released three tracks from the album for streaming. Check them out below.

DRC Music - Kinshasa One Two (see ) by DRC Music

Albarn is actually no stranger to pairing African music with good causes. In 2002, Albarn released a similar album called Mali Music that was also in collaboration with Oxfam. He has also worked on numerous occasions with Tony Allen, the original drummer of Fela Kuti's backing band The Africa 70.

Check out the official website for more information on Kinshasa One Two. You can also learn more about the album via the video trailer below.

-Saxon Baird
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