Monday, July 25, 2011

Spotlight: Y'akoto

Props to Okayafrica for this one.  Y'akoto is half German, half Ghanian and all voice, a throwback to smoky cabarets, single-malt scotches, and a time when everyone wore a hat.  Similar to British soulstresses Amy Winehouse, Adele, and Duffy–however, she is no bandwagon-jumper, possessing a moodier quality in her voice and instrumentation than these three, lending her songs a haunting element.

This darker sound spills out on her first single of her debut, both named "Baby Blues."  Sparsely sketched out with piano, drum, and her beautiful voice, "Baby Blues" is resigned and dour, and is completely mesmerizing as she tells her sorry tale and leaves a hole in your chest when it's over, the same one that you imagine she has.  Y'akoto is a fresh face on a neo-soul genre that has seen too many tabloid headlines connected to it, and not enough music (R.I.P., Amy).

Check out Okayafrica's profile on her for a listen of "Baby Blues," as well as "Tamba," her equally strong ode to African child soldiers.  If that doesn't satisfy, peep her Myspace for more music, and info.  Don't sleep on her!
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