Friday, July 1, 2011

Crowdsourcing a Revolution by Song

As many of you know (possibly due to Afropop's previous coverage) the Arab revolutions that are still ongoing have prompted a great number of musicians to create works inspired by these momentous happenings. We've mentioned the rise of (sometimes sheepish) Egyptian "martyr pop", as well as fundraisers showcasing more traditional Egyptian music to fund rebuilding efforts in Cairo. There seems still to be a furor of musical activity ongoing, to capture both the spirit of these times and the hopes of the people living through them.

In the midst of it all, perhaps as should be expected of an academic concerned with survey and documentation, Dr. Michael Frishkopf of the University of Alberta has undertaken to crowdsource a living database of these songs of revolution. He has done so by creating this Facebook group (you might need a Facebook account to sign in), which members can upload songs directly. The group is only a few days old, but has already become a repository for more videos than this writer could comfortably go through in one sitting but so far, the songs are well worth the listen as the people of the Middle East channel their energies and their struggle into this universal language.

If you get a chance, go through some of the songs and let us know some of your favorites.

-Mariam Bazeed
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