Friday, July 29, 2011

Get Some Free Kuduro

Portuguese crazy-person hip-hop by way of Luanda? Sim, por favor!

Shout-out to Ghetto Bassquake for bringing the sixth installment of J-Wow 2011 Hard Ass Mix (name self-explanatory) to our attention for this wild slice of absurdity, served with a side of pseudo-krumping. You can buy the mix here or just listen to the promotional mix put together by J-Wow himself.

2011 Hard Ass Mix by J-WOW

"Kuduro" started in the late 80's by producers in Luanda combining African rhythms with calypso and soca, "kuduro" was originally known as "batida," but once Angolans got their fingers in the pie and tweaked and adjusted and began rapping over it, batida was transformed into the kuduro we know now, a beat-oriented funky pastiche of Western house, reggae, punk, and hip-hop that blows speakers and moves glutei in a fashion that cribs from dancehall, house, and techno along with Angolan kilapanga, semba, and zouk.  Don't even worry about it.

Now, kuduro is experiencing a comeback in both former Portuguese colonies in Africa and Angolan-heavy Lisbon suburbs Queluz and Amadora. Arguably the most well-known group doing "kuduro" is Buraka Son Sistema and they hail from this region of Lisbon. Their 2009 release, "Sound of Kuduro," is  an amuse-bouche of this all-expansive genre and does the job with a fury that comes through even in laptop speakers, featuring the ubiquitous M.I.A., along with prominent Angolan hip-hop heads like DJ Znobia, Puto Prata, and Saborosa.  You know what to do:

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