Friday, July 8, 2011

Afropop July Mixtape is Out!

So, we're a little bit late. Nevertheless, your July supply of new music from Afropop Worldwide is here. As usual, we've supplied you with a super eclectic mix of music to push your listening boundaries and knowledge to new levels.

Funky soukous? You got it. Panamanian hip-hop by way of Oakland, California? Sure thing. Downtempo, South African electro? Of course. Reggae from Ethiopia? Most definitely.

DOWNLOAD by pressing that little black arrow button on the right. Or STREAM with the play button.


Afropop July Mixtape 2011 by Afropop Worldwide

1. Samba Mapangala & Orchestra Virunga - "Zanzibar" (from Maisha Ni Matamu (Life is Sweet) via Virunga Records. Out now!)

2. Sia Tolno -"Odju Watcha" (from Odju Watcha EP via LusaAfrica. Out soon.)

3. Chief Boima - "Danze Street Makossa" (from African in New York EP out soon via Duttz Artz)

4. Da Cruz - "Boom Boom Boom" (from Sistema Subversiva via Six Degrees. Out now!)

5. Spoek Mathambo - "Put Some Red on It" (Digital single from forthcoming EP Put Some Red on It)

6. Nina Dioz - "Lola" (free download via Remezcla)

7. Los Rakas - "Hierba" (from forthcoming PanaBay Twist 2: La Tanda Del Bus)

8. See-I - "Dub Revolution" (from Self-Titled LP via Fort Knox Recordings. Out now!)

9. Dub Colossus - "Wey Fikir" (from Addis Through the Looking Glass via Real World. Out now!)

10. Johnny Clegg - "Asilazi" (from Human via Appleseed Recordings. Out now! )
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