Monday, June 13, 2011

"Things Fall Apart"- Professor A.L.I. featuring Blitz the Ambassador and Raekwon

Bay-Area based Tamil MC Professor A.L.I. is preparing to release his debut album Carbon Cycle Diaries and for the first single, "Things Fall Apart," he pulls in noted African rapper Blitz the Ambassador, coming off his new album Native Son, and Shaolin favorite Raekwon, formerly of the Wu-Tang Clan, who recently released Shaolin vs. The Wu-Tang, along with partners in crime Ghostface Killah .  Humanities teacher at U.C. Berkeley by day and rapper by night, Professor A.L.I. chooses to rap about topics he means to educate people about, be it the African diaspora or global warming in what he calls "Islamic Eco-Rap."

He is a forward-thinking artist of the first order, but unfortunately his song "Things Fall Apart" leans toward triteness a little too heavily. He attempts to show us the "truth behind Africa," which in all fairness would be slightly easier to embrace if it hadn't been done so thoroughly before him.  However, he's got great backup in Blitz and Rae, with the Shaolin chef coming in with a truly bizarre spin on existentialism,  featuring a cabdriver murdered by his coke-addled wife and turning into a surprisingly tender meditation on the coldness of the world.  Check it out here:

-Hal Bergold
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