Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Egypt Here We Come!

Thanks to your generous contribution we made our goal of $12,000 (and a bit more) for our Egyptian Kickstarter Campaign. Rest assured that the donations are going towards a unique and historical multimedia radio and web series that will be truly one of a kind. Make sure to check back here for videos, music and more as we gear up for this momentous trip.

If you were not able to donate to the campaign, you can always donate to Afropop Worldwide at anytime by clicking HERE to donate.

If you somehow missed the campaign: Afropop began planning a research trip to Egypt more than year before its inspiring revolution as part of our ground breaking Hip Deep program series. The plan is to travel to Egypt in the summer of 2011 to gather material for four radio programs, and a variety of web offerings, including videos, blog posts and social media outreach.

The programs are:
Cairo, Part 1: A Musical Portrait: A history of the city told through music

Cairo, Part 2: The Seduction of Production: How Cairo became the region’s music and film production capital in the 20th century

Cairo, Part 3: 21st Century Underground: From Sudanese hip hop to heavy metal, a behind the scenes look at the city’s contemporary scene

Egypt: Living Legacies of the Past: Sufi festivals, wedding bands, cultural revival in Port Said, the epic poets of Luxor, the music of Ramadan, and the way the past inhabits Egypt’s fast changing present

Each of these radio programs will be accompanied by extensive web materials: blog posts, web videos, audio playlists, photo essays, interview transcriptions, music reviews, and more. Social media outreach to a worldwide community engaged in Egyptian music has already begun, and will continue beyond the broadcast of the four radio programs.

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