Monday, June 6, 2011

AfroHop Launches with a Pop!

 Late last month, the launch party of a new event series called AfroHop went off with a bang at the Toro Lounge in the Smyth Hotel. Put on by Cocody Productions in collaboration with Hip Hop Saves Lives, Afropop Worldwide was in the house and a proud media sponsor of this great new event.

The evening brought together a great mix of individuals from the NYC African arts and music scene. An excellent DJ set was also provided by DJake of Cocody Productions that mixed Afropop, African hip hop, reggae and soul.

Jake R. Bright and Blitz the Ambassador

Enyinne Owunwanne, Badu Njoroge, & Aina Farina
The inaugural event included an album release and guest appearance by Ghanian MC Blitz the Ambassador who just released an excellent new album Native Sun (read our review HERE), and is also featured in our recent program The Trans-National Hip Hop Train.

Setor Attipoe & Chad Harper

Dawne Marie Grannum, Okai, Chantale Pierre-Louis

AfroHop events will integrate artists releases and performances to expose the best in new African music as well as special themes such as African country nights, alliances with charities, fashion and media outlets in hopes of cultivating a stronger African arts community in New York City and beyond! As Cocody Director Jake R. Bright explained, "with AfroHop we are creating a fun and unique forum to connect Africa, The Diaspora, and mainstream New York." In addition, Chad Harper, Hip Hop Saves Lives Director, went on to state that the events will be "exposing some of the best in new African music to an American audience."

Don, Celine and Martine Elefson
James Bartlett, Blitz the Ambassador, Saxon Baird

Juwon and Shola Ajayi

Chad Harper

To read more about this great new event series, read more on Cocody Productions and Hip Hop Saves Lives.

All Photos by Joe Ugochukwu Ofili or Afropop Worldwide
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