Friday, May 13, 2011

A Much Desired Distraction with a Dose of Hakim

When Afropop visits Egypt this summer (learn more about our historical trip to explore the musical culture of Egypt HERE), we will be meeting with famed Sha’abi singer Hakim to get his take on the revolution and how it ties into the popular music of his country. Excited by this prospect, we turned on some of his music in the office the other day and decided to give him a quick Google search. Hakim's videos are so light-hearted we decided to share them with you, enjoyable affairs that we imagine might be a nice repose from the political and social tension in the country.

Listen, we understand that times are tough amid the uprising against Mubarak in February and the struggle to form a new democracy. We also understand that everyday life still must go on in Egypt. Hopefully a little dose of Hakim offers hope and a much needed distraction.

In tribute to this great performer and in hopes of offering something of an amusing, positive distraction from the day to day growing pains of a country amidst a great transition, here’s a collection of some of our favorites from Hakim.

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