Monday, May 2, 2011

Egyptian Martyr Pop

Our Kickstarter campaign to get Afropop to Egypt this summer is going well - we're halfway there now. If you haven't checked out our campaign and film yet, we encourage you to take a look and see what's in the pipeline for Afropop in the future. In our excitement about the trip and all the musical discoveries awaiting us, we are preparing by keeping up with the musical news coming out of the country. A couple of articles from the site Norient caught our attention and we thought we'd share them with you.

'"Martyr Pop" - Made In Egypt' takes a look at popular music in post-revolution Egypt. Many of the pop artists who stayed quiet during the protests have now come out with songs dedicated to the 'martyrs' - those who died during the uprisings - the most outspoken of which is Hany Shaker’s song, "The voice of the martyr" (see below). These new songs challenge the non-political stance of most of Egypt's popular music and brings a different aesthetic to the scene. But has their contribution come too late to not seem like a PR stunt?

Then artist and musician, Nader Sadek, has written 'From Metal to Twitter', giving an insight into the life of an artist in Egypt. The revolutions have given him the courage to continue with his more outspoken artworks. Let's hope that others feel the same.

Thanks so much to everyone who has helped us out so far. Keep supporting us and we will be sure to search out plenty of exciting music for our Hip Deep shows.

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