Friday, May 6, 2011

Afropop May Mixtape 2011 Out Now!

This month is an super eclectic mix including Malian blues, Latin electronic mash-ups, Afro-Peruvian rhythms, hip-hop, cumbia, Venezuelan rock and whole lot more. How else would we do it at Afropop?

Afropop Worldwide May Mix by Afropop Worldwide


1. Pedro Luis Ferrer - "Tangible" (from Tangible out now on Escondida Music)

2. Kobi Onyame - "Green Green Grasses" ft. M3NSA (from Green Green Grasses out now on Haatsville Records )

3. Bola Johnson & His Easy Life Top Beats - "E Ma S'Eka" (from Nigeria 70: Sweet Times out 5.10 on Strut Records)

4. Susana Baca - "Bendiceme" (from Afrodiaspora out 5.10 on Luaka Bop)

5. Boubacar Traoré - "M'Badehou" (from Mali Denhou out 6.14 on LUSAFRICA)

6. Malika Zarra - "Berber Taxi" (from 'Berber Taxi' out now on Motema Music)

7. Charley García - Fanky (Un Mono Azul Remix) - (from Villa Diamante's Enciclopedia out soon/free download)

8. Bomba Estéreo - "Ponte Bomb" (from Pump The Jam out now on Nacional Records)

9. Red Baraat - Chaal Baby (Live!) - (live recording/Free download)

10. Pedro Infame - "Suck My Hard" - (from The Tropical Incineration out now/free download)

11. Dj Rafa Caivano - "The Salmon Cumbia" (from Cumbahton out now/free download)

12. La Vida Boheme - "Danz" (from Nuestra via Nacional Records)
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