Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The African Hip Hop Train is in the Station

The Trans-National African Hip Hop Train arrives today for your listening pleasure. Our new show features a number of hip hop artists from Africa and beyond while attempting to showcase the ability hip hop has to resonate across borders, cultures and language barriers. The show will feature the artists below including FOKN Bois, Ruff-N-Smooth, Awadi from Positive Black Soul, Talib Kweli, Nneka and more.

To supplement your listening experience we have posted three interviews with various rappers and put together an extensive feature with videos and links! ( Check it out)

A taste of what we have to the quotes for full interviews:

[…]hip hop in its nature is immigrant culture, whether people recognize it or not.”

-Blitz the Ambassador

- Amkoullel  

 “In Arab countries, hip hop is the reason why there is revolution[…]”


The 'Trans-National African Hip Hop Train' broadcasts this week. Check your local listings for times. It will also be available for online streaming on June 2nd.

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