Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Rediscovered: 90s Zanzibar Hip-Hop is a site we check up on regularly. They are one of the few places on the web that is dedicatedly trying to focus on hip-hop coming out of Africa while giving it a intelligent and focused coverage. They don’t post much (probably a bit understaffed and working pro-bono) but when they do throw something up, we tend to love it.

Last week they blogged about the discovery of old music videos from 90’s Zanzibar hip-hop groups and featured some of the footage. The tracks are undeniably solid incorporating the simple, mid-tempo bass-heavy beats of rap coming out of the East-Coast (stateside) at the time. While groups like Kwanza Unit took it a step further by incorporating local rhythms and solid vocal harmonies into their tracks.
We highly encourage you read more on about these groups, the brief history of Zanzibar hip-hop and where these MCs are today.

Here’s a sampler:

Struggling Islanders – Historia

Kwanza Unit – Msafiri

-Saxon Baird
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