Monday, April 4, 2011

Pedro Infame: Not Everyone's Cup of Tea

Pedro Infame is definitely not everyone’s cup of tea. With track names such as “I really fu*king like big butts” and “Suck My Hard,” it would be reasonably to suspect Infame is trying to push your buttons. Consider the crass song titles as a warning sign: Not for the Light-Hearted Listener.

Before you click the “back” button, though, give Infame at least a couple minutes. The Venezuelan by-way of Mexico producer is creating some intriguing mash-up of genres that may not be what you usually listen to, but should at least be appreciated. On his recently-released, digital-only EP, The Tropical Incineration, Infame playfully mashes up hip-hop, Latin rhythms, hard-rock and French-techno. This music refuses to be categorized, even for the ever bending electronic music scene.

Infame’s music is definitely not for everyone. Even the interns were passionately split over it. However, we found it new and interesting enough that we wanted to pass it onto our listeners as a reminder that we keep a pretty open mind here at Afropop and hope you do too! Plus…it’s free!

-Saxon Baird

Pedro Infame - The Tropical Incineration by tropic-all
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