Friday, April 8, 2011

Music of the Muslim World Day, A Problem of Terminology

That said, Bob George feels that in some indirect way, religion may inform even completely non-religious music. As he notes in our interview, "[People ask,] 'Why are you calling it Muslim music? Is there such a thing as Christian music?' Well, maybe there is. There's gospel music. There's Christian rock. They're all these things. And maybe, being a Christian somehow informs this music. We understand that it's somewhat ridiculous, but there is a way of working, and a flow that has come out of the Middle East, that has influenced a great many kinds of music, and thank God it has. It is absolutely wonderful because of that flow."

If this strikes you as a bit vague and squishy, that is probably appropriate. The idea behind Muslim World Music Day, and our program, is to bring attention to a vast and varied realm of music made by Muslims, born or converted, living anywhere from the Arabian peninsula to Oklahoma. So we urge listeners not to dwell on the terminology issue. This is intended to be a celebration, and what it may lack in precision of terms, it more than makes up in sincere intent, and great music!

But keep the comments coming. And remember, Muslim World Music Day is next Tuesday, April 12, 2011. Visit the Muslim World Music Day website and get involved. As Bob notes, "We welcome controversy." However, we suspect he prefers participation!
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