Monday, April 18, 2011

More on Sweet Mickey

Michel Martelly...

Recently, we wrote about Haiti's election of Michel Martelly, AKA "Sweet Micky" as the nation's president. Check it out - you can see a clip of him performing at NY's international music hub, SOBs.

Now, we've got some more in depth coverage. A Hip Deep contributor, Elizabeth McAlister, has written an article for Foreign Policy that is definitely worth reading. Elizabeth explains the role of music behind Michel Martelly's success - quite a feat for such an outspoken artist. As Elizabeth points out, his signature lyrics were somewhat controversial: '"Whoever doesn't know Micky, here's Micky." The riff was followed by a crowd response, "ko langet manman'w:" literally, "your mother's clitoris," roughly meaning, "go fuck your mother."'

...or Sweet Mickey
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