Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Protests in Cairo keep growing, now with soundtrack

Today, K.N. writes from Cairo, "Yesterday was depressing--met too many people who want life to get back to 'normal.'  Worried we were losing momentum. And then today...more and more people, never heard such a roar of voices. As you can see, all ages came, people in wheelchairs, babies and young children in strollers and on their fathers' shoulders. We were distributing water bottles and a young girl wanted to give Sayed money because, 'I want to do something. I want to participate.'   First aid clinics, people passing out small rolls of bread: 'Kentucky! Kentucky! Others with eggs, bread, Someone selling telephone cards, though trying to hear something is pretty impossible and the network goes in and out down there. We left around 6 pm and still people were coming into the square as it got dark.'

News reports have talked about music being played at Tahrir Square.  K.N. says she knows of no high-profile musicians to take the stage there, but some are busy in the studio and on the web.  Mohamed Mounir has posted a YouTube video of a song called "Ezay."  Its sentiments are clear.  And Hany Adel has provided music for a tribute to the martyrs of the revolution, a collection of disturbing and reassuring images with the message, "Revolution Will Continue."  And it will.

Here are more new images from K.N..


I am a free Egyptian because I don't turn around to pick up what has fallen from my eyes.

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